Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Bumper Cases

Apple iPhone 8 Bumper Cases

iphone 8 bumper cases and covers

iPhone 8 bumper cases play a crucial role in providing safety. The iPhone 8 bumper case has become a mandatory accessory for the iPhone due to its revolutionary endless OLED display with the touch ID sensor embedded and full glass body. You may never want to see a broken OLED display right. In this post, I am going to showcase some of the best iPhone 8 bumper cases you can buy online.

List of Top 10 iPhone 8 Bumper Cases:

1. RANVOO [ARMOR] iPhone 8 Case, Aluminium Bumper Case.

RANVOO [ARMOR] iPhone 8 Case, Aluminium Bumper Case.

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The first one on our list is the RANVOO ARMOR  iPhone 8 case. It comes from the house of best mobile accessory company which makes some of the best cases and lighting connectors for the whole Apple product line. 

  • The unique Minimalistic design which creates an illusion of a naked iPhone.
  • Slim and skinny fit with very easy installation.
  • High precision molding and 100% quality check.
  • Aircraft grade material which makes it light and ultra durable.
  • Anti-scratch resistant and dust proof with lens protection.

2. RhinoShield [CrashGuard] iPhone 8Bumper Case [11 Ft Drop Tested].

RhinoShield [CrashGuard] iPhone 8Bumper Case [11 Ft Drop Tested].
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The second bumper case on our list of best iPhone 8 bumper cases is the RhinoShield crash guard which is one of the most durable cases ever build for an iPhone. It has the most innovative design in the whole industry due best research and development team.

  • Available in more than 14 colors which mean a high degree of personalization.
  • Ultra grip due to Matt finish design and paint scheme.
  • Ultra thin almost thickness of 2 credit cards which give a feel good factor.
  • Camera lens protection because the case is designed in such a way so that it is 1.11mm taller than the camera lens.
  • 33% larger charger point opening which gives it an edge over other cases because they are not compatible with the third party lighting connector and it has also a very precise cut which also provides a good protection.

3. iPhone 8 Cod style 10 TPU Bumper Case.

iPhone 8 Cod style 10 TPU Bumper Case.
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The third and most creative case on our list is iPhone 8 Clear case and bumper Cod style 10 TPU Bumper. This case is widely popular among Smartphone lovers due to its unibody hybrid TPU case and bumper design. It is one of the cheap iPhone 8 bumper cases available in the market.

  • Made from the best top notch material which gives it a durability and flexibility.
  • Ultra protective because it covers all the corners and back of the phone with accurate fitting.
  • Thin and light weight due to its composite PU material.
  • Precise laser cutting which gives it a perfect fit all over your iPhone 8.
  • TPU+PC combination design which gives it a smooth finish and a superior protection. This kind of innovation is first in the class in the iPhone case industry.
  • Decorate iPhone 8 by DIY by posting pictures of your love once or your pets.

4. JETech Apple iPhone 8 Case Cover.

JETech Apple iPhone 8 Case Cover

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As we all know that JETech means quality and reliability. Over the years JETech has established themselves as one of the best cases and covers manufacturing company. The company designs shockproof and dustproof iPhone covers which are highly reliable and cheap. 

  • Made from PC and TPU fusion which gives all round protection which great finish.
  • 2 in 1 concept by giving a transparent back which provides a scratch-proof back and bumper to give protection from bumps and fall.
  • Own customizability by creating a unique case exclusively.
  • Air cushions technology which helps the case in the time of heavy crash or fall.
  • Shock absorption technology which reduces the impact of the crash.
  • Lightweight case due to TPU material involves in the molding. 

5. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Bumper.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Bumper.
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This case is a little bit thicker but as we all know that more thick safer. It has the best quality and finishes as compared with the other cases. It is made from high-grade TPU and PC with some best secret material mix. The case is also the best value for money as compared with other on the basis of build quality and durability.

  • Military grade material is used in this case which ensures the quality and durability.
  • Rich texture and scratch resistance.
  • Classic and fluorescent color for occasion either it is office or gym.
  • Elevated bezel provides extra protection from screen shattering.
  • Engraved SUPCASE logo on the back which gives a rich feel to the case.

6. HUMIXX Aluminium TPU iPhone 8 Hybrid Bumper Case.

HUMIXX Aluminium TPU iPhone 8 Hybrid Bumper Case

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On the number six position, we have HUMIXX TPU bumper case. The case is known for its craftsmanship and durability. This is the only cheap iPhone 8 case which comes with 190 days warranty. 

  • World first case with the flexible 2-part design.
  • ABT anti breaking technology with dual shock absorb design.
  • Camera lens protection by .2mm extended lip.
  • Fits well with the whole deign thanks to its precise cut.
  • The biggest feature of this case which makes it above other cases is the signal lossless because its unique design makes sure signal strength of the phone.
  • Six original iPhone color options.
  • Provide the best heat displacement as compared to other covers.

7. Answer Reinforced TPU Bumper Hybrid Protective Case.

Answer Reinforced TPU Bumper Hybrid Protective Case

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Answer TPU hybrid protective cover has a mesmerizing design. In all, it is the most beautiful and cute iPhone 8 bumper case of all time. due to its hybrid qualities like impact and scratch proof. It provides a premium protection with soft TPU and hard PC. It has the perfect blend of material. The best R&D company.

  • Complete access to all ports, buttons, and features, easy to press for a seamless experience with the responsive button
  • Made of soft TPU and hard PC frame, give you the excellent grip, can protect your iPhone from dropping and scratching etc.
  • One of the best product quality based on AVR research.
  • The flexible unique body which protects it from breaking.
  • Dust proof design to protect it from germs and dust particles.
  • Ultra compact and thin for better feel and fit.

8. Matone Apple iPhone 8 Crystal Clear Bumper Cover.

Matone Apple iPhone 8 Crystal Clear Bumper Cover.
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It has been designed specifically to provide camera protection with bend reduction technology. This case is not just a case but it a real piece of art and science. Art in the sense of its design and looks. Science in the sense of its practicality and optimum utilization of iPhone curve for better protection.

  • Comprehensive protection due to soft TPU and hard PC which provide it best shock absorbing ability.
  • Scratch resistance design with crystal clear scratch resistant coating.
  • Special corner protection by shock absorber cushions.
  • Camera and screen protection by raised lips
  • Transparent look which makes it classy and elegant.
  • Ultra flexible for proper fit and shock distribution among its edges.

9. Elago Evo Bumper iPhone Case.

Elago Evo Bumper iPhone Case

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It is the only bumper in the world which is made from LEXAN resin which is used in NFL helmets, NASA equipment, and bullet proof glasses. It has the capability to protect the phone from a 12mm bullet. It has an exact fit design and classy design.  Constructed from high-grade TPU and polycarbonate the combination of both make the phone case scratch-resistant shockproof.  Constructed from high-grade TPU and polycarbonate, the combination of both make the phone case scratch-resistant, shockproof. This company has best Research and development facility.

  • Metal protector which covers the whole phone around and protect it from various.
  • Multicolor frames.
  • Flexible design and separate precise cutting for each and every button.
  • Clear back which gives a rich feel.
  • Best quality product and service.
  • Made from LEXAN resin.

10. Ansiwee Shockproof Armor iPhone 8 Case.

Ansiwee Shockproof Armor iPhone 8 Case

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The last but not the least on our list is Ansiwee Shockproof Armor case. It has best build quality and fitting. It has also cross mold for absorbing the shock wave of the falls. It has large cutouts for charging ports.


  • Most practical design ever not just for the original accessories but also for the third party accessories.
  • Super signal enhancing design which increases the bandwidth of the signal.
  • Precise cut for best fitting and classy finish.
  • Shock resistance design.
  • Best value for money.

The Bottom Line

This concludes our list of best iPhone 8 bumper cases and covers. All the covers and other accessories are available exclusively on Amazon. Let us know which one did you buy in the comment section down below.


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